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My Models

There's only one way to test my products out, and thankfully my little models are very willing to explore and have fun with everything I build. (It also helps that they're never camera shy!)
(My two little furry star models Comet & Barney, are now residents of 'Rainbow Bridge'. They were the inspiration for this site and through it, they will live on forever xx)

​Some would call me a bit of a Diva...but that's just not true. I just had a bit of a poor start in life & was then given my 'Forever Home' with my soul mate Barney. My hobbies include: digging, eating, digging, product testing, stealing Barney's food, oh & did I mention digging! I am of course, the star of the show...but that's what makes me so loveable. 



I think my name is Barney, or possibly 'come out from there'. I'm Comet's best buddy. We came from the same rescue centre and hit it off immediately...ermm well kind of, cos she had no choice when I broke into her pen! I'm a very chilled out boy and my hobbies are sleeping, eating, and chewing. I'm happy to test the products out, just as long as there's food involved!




I'd love to tell you all about myself but I simply don't have the time. My hobbies vary from collecting anything that comes through the letter box, chasing anything that moves and pinching everyone's food. 




Ah right my turn.......

Umm apart from the usual doggy stuff my favourite thing in the whole world is having lots of dog-naps on my sofa in the sun lounge. that the time.....





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